Survey Results

We organised a survey with the aim of finding out how our members feel about the easing of lockdown rules.

It should come as no surprise that as lockdown restrictions are poised to end Coventry locals are more than anything else looking forward to seeing their family and friends and getting away for a holiday. Lockdown has so curtailed personal contact with family that in a recent survey of members, we found that over 50% of members were desperate to resume normal family meetings. The next priority was to take a break – possibly even combining the two objectives and meeting up with family on holiday. Of those members planning a holiday, most expected to holiday in the UK, but a surprising 38% were hoping to get abroad – despite changing traffic lights!

However, a significant 45% of members did not anticipate having a holiday this year. They planned to spend time locally, catching up on postponed celebrations, making home improvements, and gardening.

On the financial front, some respondents are faring better than others. Many have lost their jobs, been furloughed, or are just not able to get their usual supply of agency work. Things continue to be tough for such members. The income of those on welfare has been largely protected and, in some cases, supplemented by the extra £20 per week of Universal Credit. That is not to say that lockdown has not brought financial stresses of its own – such as the additional expense of having children at home instead of at school. On the other hand, the normal expenditure of those members on regular incomes has been restricted during lockdown – to the point where some have actually found themselves with spare cash enabling them to save or to pay off their loans.

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